Going deeper into Bolivia

We are headed deeper into bolivia and the Andes mountains

Check out the video:

Day 2

Breakfast at 730 am

Bread, eggs, jam, butter, fruit, coffee and tea

We headed out at 8 am with our crew of 6 and our driver. We were told to bring warm clothes for this day because we would be headed to higher altitude and the weather would be cooler. We were amazed at the diverse landscapes we saw throughout the day.



We were even surprised with a picnic at a beautiful lagoon

Volcanic boulders

We ended the day in the national park for 150 bolivianos and a stamp in your passport and got to see the beautiful Laguna colorada,a red colored lagoon with tons of flamingos.

We then headed to our hotel for the night basic accommodations shared washrooms. Dinner was spaghetti and a glass of wine. We wemt out to have a look at the stars and could see the milky way!!! Early to bed because the next day breakfast is at 430 am

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