The worlds Largest Salt flats – Salar de Uyuni

At 10 am our 4×4 was ready to go, we were only allowed one big bag for two of us and each a small bag in the car. The other stuff you can leave in the office. Off we go and literally 5 minutes later we arrived at the train cemetery.

Really fun place to get some fun photographs.

Next we headed to the salt museum, the tour was optional which was nice, we decided not to. Lots of stalls and great shopping the prices were pretty reasonable, a sweater were around 65 bolivianos. Our driver let us walk around while he prepared our lunch.

Check out the whole video here:

After lunch we headed to the salt flats we got to experience both the dry flats

and the wet flats

Unfortunately it was too windy to experience the mirror effect, but this place is so beautiful I’m definitely not sad about that,you any control the weather, we hot lucky enough that we had s perfect sunny weekend in store for us. After a long day taken tons of pictures and video we headed 3 hours to our salt hotel

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