Plaza de Armas Lima Peru

The plaza the armas or plaza mayor is the main square in lima peru.

It is located in the historic center of Lima, it is surrounded by the government palace, cathedral of Lima, the municipal palace and the palace of union.

Check the whole video here:

We took a taxi from Miraflores for 28 soles we paid more because we got a taxi from the hotel, on the way back ot only cost us 15 soles we flagged down a taxi that looked legit it really helps if you know a bit of Spanish.

Before you go know that access to the palace is restricted and visits are by arrangements only, but you can visit the cathedral of lima for 10 soles.

Located directly to the north of downtown lima is the district of Rimac is separated from Limas historical center by the river and connected by 6 bridges.

We found much better prices for goods here, than anywhere else in Lima. It is a less safe neighborhood so dont flash you valuables.

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