Lombok and Gili Islands

With spectacular beaches, the majestic mount Rinjani and beautiful marine life the island of Lombok and the Gilis have no shortage of attractions both in and out of the water. We show you where to stay, what to eat and what to do in Lombok on a budget.

Here’s the full video guide:https://youtu.be/IIXwcJXaZsM

We stayed in sengigi at sengigi jazz hotel for 20$ a night which included breakfast a beautiful pool, 5 min walk to the beach and short scooter ride to the town with many great restaurants.

If you want to do some surfing just walk to the beach and you can rent a surf board for 5 to 10 dollars a day depending on your negotiating skills.

You can also rent a scooter for 5 dollars a day, I would recommend renting one from a hostel it is less expensive than the hotel.

Food you must try in lombok

Mie Goreng

Ayam Taliwang

Which is a chicken with sometimes spicy sauce and rice.

We also visit the tiu kelep waterfall it was 1$ entrance fee, local will try to tell you, you need a guide but it is not necessary just follow the trail

We also took the boat from lombok to the gili islands. If you have time to spare and you want to experience how the locals live, and save money then jump on the public boats from Bangsal Harbour. The boat waits until it is full to leave but only cost 1 dollar, but the journey takes about 2 hours.

We stayed on Gili T at Leveira Bungalows for 16$ a night, cute little bungalows, great location, the host Alvin was amazing, he made us breakfast every morning and even taught us a bit of Indonesian.

Gili T has no motor vehicles so the best way to get around is by bicycle, the island is only 8 km long.

This is more of a party island and there is quite a few activities to do, we went snorkeling one day and enjoyed the beach, make sure you get the classic swing pic

They are located all around the island.

And dont forget to end your trip watching the beautiful sunset

Check out my Youtube video, where I show you the places we ate at, the places we stayed and the things we did all on a budget.


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