Bada Valley and Megalithic Adventure

I was told that it was really difficult to get to the Bada valley, but I didn’t think it would be this tough. Over 12 hours of drive time, road blocks, steep mountains, crazy drivers and broken breaks makes for quite the adventure!!!

Full video of our adventure

We flew into Palu, Indonesia and started making our journey to the Bada valley from there. The reception at the hotel helped us find a driver that was willing to drive us to tentena a small town near the Bada Valley for 80$ and we were told the journey would be about 6 hours.

2 hours into the journey we are faced with a road block. Unfortunately our driver didn’t speak a word of english and our Indonesian was very limited, but with the help of a translator app we were informed that the road would be closed for 2 hours, so we decided to wait.

We got to meet the locals of this small village. It was a great experience the Indonesian people are so friendly and everyone wants to take selfies with you.

Once the road block opened up we we’re back on our journey. Up and down the mountain crazy winding roads and fast drivers, definitely not for the faint of heart.

10 hours later we finally arrive in tentena at the beautiful victory hotel.

The victory hotel was just your basic ameneties for 20$ a night with breakfast, but the host Noni made the whole experience even more amazing. We decided to book the tour to the Bada valley and see the megaliths with her uncle.

We left early morning back through the mountain, all the way up and down through winding dirt roads and right on the edge of cliffs.

2 hour drive to get into the valley, our driver had been driving these roads for many many years knowing this made it a little less scary.

He drove us to multiple megaliths sites they are quite spread out and difficult to get to if you don’t know where you are going.

We also had to walk through farmers rice fields to get to some of the megaliths, almost fell in quite a few times!!!

And he brought us to the biggest most impressive one last.

For lunch we ate with our tour guides family, it was one of the best meals in Indonesia I’ve ever had. His grand daughter decided to come back with us to tentena. As we are leaving the small village the truck starts making funny noises. Our driver stops and checks the breaks and informs us that we no longer have back breaks but that is not a problem we still have front brakes. So we head off on our journey back to Tentena.

We made it safe and sound back to Tentena with no other problems, the driver even stopped to show us some unique plants in the jungle.

The Bada Valley is definitely an adventure to get too!!!

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