Climbing warm up!!!

Today were going to talk about warming up before your rock climbing session.

It’s important to properly warm up before climbing. However, it’s not always easy to do a warm because often we want to get to climbing right away. Unfortunately, skipping a warm up session is very risky.

Not warming up before a climbing session can lead to some pretty serious injuries, including ones in your legs, fingers, elbows, and shoulders. When your muscles and joints aren’t properly warmed up, they won’t be as flexible and can get hurt a lot easier.

Before bouldering, it’s important to increase your heart rate through cardiovascular exercise. This will activate your muscles to be better prepared for more dynamic and endurance-related moves.

For example, you can use the rower or ride an exercise bike for a minimum of five minutes.

Check out my video for proper form and other warm up ideas:

Pyramid climbing

Now that your blood is pumping, your joints are limber, and your body is ready to work, it’s time to climb! While most people understand they need to start with climbs well under their limit, the best warm-up sequence actually builds in difficulty up to just under your personal maximum.


the first problem or route should fall well within your ability. For instance, a V5 boulderer should start with several V0s and V1s,

The goal of this first route is to engage all the little muscle groups used in climbing and to mentally refresh good technique.


After resting about five minutes, get on a few problems or one route that is slightly harder than the first round: two to three grades under your limit


Rest another few minutes—enough to fully depump—and get on your final warm-up climb of the day: something right below your limit

After this warm-up sequence, it’s important to rest properly, about 10 minutes. Now you should be all warmed up to start your project.

How Do You Know If You Have Warmed Up Enough?
If you have adequately warmed up for your bouldering session, every part of your body should feel warm and loose. If you feel any stiffness in your fingers or shoulders,it’s likely that you need to spend more time getting your body ready.

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