Mud Crushers

The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it.

We headed to Montreal this past weekend for the Deadend obstacle race. My aunt will be joining me and has been training for a year, this will be her first obstacle race.

I’ve signed up for the unlimited, the course is 6km long and I will attempt as many laps in 4 hours. Starting with the elite heat with mandatory obstacle completion or penalty lap.

The elite heat had 200 competitors!!! That caused a lot of bottle necks at the obstacles. The obstacles we’re a lot of fun and challenging, but I gave up my band because I didn’t want to re line up and wait for a second try.

Here are some of the obstacles

The terrain was pretty diverse, and lots of obstacles, including water obstacles which I had never done before.

Soaking wet after sliding into the cold river.

Took me 2 hours to do the first lap.

Headed out for my second lap with my aunt and James around 11:15 it was a very small heat and barely any lineups at the obstacles.

They changed up some of the obstacles for the open heat.

This one they added a couple longer ropes.

All I all it was a great race and I really enjoyed the obstacles, I would do this race again, but do it later in the day to avoid the lineups.

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5 thoughts on “Mud Crushers

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